Our Story

High school sweethearts during the 80s and reunited after 23 years. With our own travels and experiences behind us, we wanted to share the rest of our adventures together. Our wedding was held with the magical Finnish winter as a backdrop – an unforgettable experience for guests who travelled from all over the world.

From our dream of creating a permanent home in Finland, Kotona Manor was born. An architecturally modern sanctuary built within the tranquil surrounds of Finnish nature. The perfect hideaway. Where guests immediately feel at home.



Lakeland Luxury®

Our way of life. Your Finland.

At Kotona, the lake is our source and our destination. Untainted, pure and clean, it calms the mind and provides both sustenance and recreation. All encompassing, the lake is part of everything we do. Everything we are.

Our luxury will enable you to stop, enjoy, and be taken care of with everything Finland’s pristine nature can offer – from moments of tranquility to the most thrilling adventures.

Kotona Manor is a discrete hideaway
in the heart of Lakeland Finland

Kotona Manor opens in 2025



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